About Saudade Pharma

The mission of Saudade Pharma is to provide expertise, know-how and support to institutions and companies that are developing new medicinal products for the treatment and prevention of existing health problems. Saudade Pharma has already been involved in the battle against diabetes and cancer and is currently involved in the treatment and prevention of heart failure.



Saudade Pharma can lean on an extensive network of pharmaceutical professionals and (inter)national contract manufacturing organisations for both Drug Substance and Drug Product manufacturing.  


Project Management

Saudade Pharma can manage your core team with members of the different disciplines and keep the team focus on the true company targets.


Helicopter View

Due to the experience gained working with start-ups, the required mind set to go from high level long term thinking to detailed problem solving and vice versa is available and proven very useful for making relative small decisions that can have a major affect on later stages in the development.